Service philosophy
1) Pre-sale services
      The company will set up a dedicated customer service personnel responsible for customer related consulting
      We will provide you with the pre-relevant technical information, such as system profiles, system instructions, etc., and give you a brief introduction
      For the specific circumstances of your project, we provide the necessary advisory services, provide consultancy services EAS concept area.
      With the technology and experience accumulated over the years, we will your system configuration, feasibility, economic analysis provide valuable constructive comments
      In the understanding of customer base, we have a professional intelligence system designers will follow your needs and design a program case
2) the sale of services
      We will according to the project, the establishment of a dedicated project team, responsible for the entire project, in order to improve the quality of customer intelligence project
      At the construction site, we have implemented will have a professional engineering field engineers on-site supervision to ensure that every aspect of the project can be completed with high quality
3) Service
      Systems engineering for high-tech, we are deeply aware of service quality directly sustains the lives of enterprises, the reason why we pay attention to every aspect of the project
      Product tracing system on a regular basis, inspection and maintenance
      After the system is operating normally, we provide two years of free maintenance and lifetime maintenance
      Our engineers will maintain regular contact with customers, to understand the system running, answer questions, and for the record
      Ensure the timely provision of all types of consumption, maintenance materials
      System any questions, feel free to contact me, maintenance engineers will try to give answers
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