Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Carrefour Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company with 18 years of professional production of building intercom manufacturers. Carrefour enterprise is a collection of electronic equipment manufacturing, metal plastic manufacturing and information industry as one of the major integrated enterprises. Full range of products through the Ministry of Public Electronic Products Quality Inspection qualified and have the production license, won the third Chinese security ten most influential brand name. The company has been committed to building intercom research and development, production, building intercom customers who provide a complete solution, the company is strong in technology, product excellence, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, product quality and functionality continuous improvement and progress, to meet the modern intelligent residential property and the development of a new anti-technology intercom products. Companies throughout the country have set up offices and distribution, products from entering the market, users are welcome.

Carrefour Guangdong Enterprise Group more than 95% of the technical staff have a college education or a variety of technical qualifications, fully equipped with application software development, hardware and peripheral electronic product development capabilities, the use of favorable conditions for the full development of high-tech, and "product, technology, service "for the advantage to expand business, and the community to provide the best, fastest and most comprehensive range of services, has completed the design and implementation of a series of large-scale projects of intelligent management system integration solutions.

JLF series is divided into large-scale intelligent area networking, video intercom, intelligent home, works according to the requirements of different structures and household conditions within the cell, configure different functional models targeted host, ext. System with intercom, surveillance, alarm, lift linkage, information dissemination and intelligent home control and other functions. System with advanced technology, simple installation, support and flexible; visual and non-visual compatible use, to achieve a good community management of safety, convenience and normative.

The company focus on the customer, talent, attention to quality. The company is products after 18 years of meticulous design and transform its structure is more reasonable, but also to facilitate its operation, full-featured, reliable performance, and quality assurance.
"Quality first, customer satisfaction" is our eternal pursuit, we hope that with our expertise and the quality and peace of mind Build your home! 

Carrefour connotation every step of the development of electronic products are taken to support the technology, the true meaning of service, collaborative market development, taking into account every step in space cooperation, share opportunities.